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Mojo Shuffle
This guys play blues like no one else. Their music is tough like good old cigar and tastes like a sip of Kentucky's bourbon.
Mojo Shuffle
Mojo Shuffle's appearance is one of the most important events on Kazan City music scene. Band was founded in the beginning of 2016 by two guys with cigarbox guitar and blues harp. First time Mojo Shuffle played only covers for early delta-blues singer such as Big Bill Broonzy, Skip James & Robert Johnson. By autumn 2016 two more guys joined the band: bass guitar and percussion (percussion plays by a suitcase, yes usual old suitcase). Track list was updated with blues standards like Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and other classic blues musicians, band started to write their own songs.

Nowadays Mojo Shuffle grows its popularity really fast and regularly plays concerts outside home region, which is Kazan, TA. In September 2017 guys started to make material for their first studio album.

In August 2017 Mojo Shuffle took a part in international music festival 'Kazan LIVE', with world famous jazz player Igor Butman as a festival president. Band played right before the headliners of the festival, and presented first tatar language single: powerful country blues 'Zenger Keshe' (tat. Blue Man)

In July 2017 Mojo Shuffle successfully passed semifinal auditions in a very famous Russian music festival 'Indushata'. Which in different years was a start for many Russian indie bands & singers. The judges liked the show so much and almost without any critics allowed band to play in the final part of the festival which was 9/18/2017 at one of the most famous clubs in Russia - 16 Tons in Moscow City. In the end Mojo Shuffle won the 'Best Show' nomination and was highly appreciated by the public.

At 9/17/2017 band took a part in huge all country farmer festival 'SVOE' which was in Moscow Region

11/30/2017 the band played first solo concert in Moscow right after they finished 6 more songs for first album.

On February 2018 the band changed it's suitcase percussion for the real drum set which made the whole sound more intense due to powerful rhythm-section.

On the April 2018 the band won the regional final of the world wide Emergenza festival.

Mojo Shuffle's Songs
You can listen our full track list on our SoundCloud page. The link is in Contacts part.
Track List (October 2017)
  • Mojo Shuffle - Black Crow
  • Mojo Shuffle - Bad Bad Feeling
  • Mojo Shuffle - Train Done Gone
  • Mojo Shuffle - Just Feel My Love
  • Mojo Shuffle - Зенгер Кеше
  • Mojo Shuffle - Rising Roar
  • Muddy Waters - Champagne and Reefer
  • Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy
  • Muddy Waters - Mojo Working
  • Leadbelly - In the Pines
  • John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom
  • Amos Milbuen - One Scotch, One Bourbone, One Beer
  • Skip James - Hard Times Killing Floor
  • Skip James - Crow Jane
  • Big Bill Broonzy - When I been Drinking
  • The Doors - Road House Blues
  • The Doors - Cars Hiss by My Window
  • Elmore James - Dust My Broom
  • Junior Wells - She Wanna Sell My Monkey
  • Joe Lee's Rock - Find My Baby
  • Howlin Wolf - Smoke Stack Lightning
  • Howlin Wolf - Sitting On Top Of The World
  • Lightnin' Hopkins - Baby Please Don't Go
  • Robert Johnson - 32-20
  • Scott Joplin - Entertainer (ragtime)
  • Max Romeo - I Chase the Devil (Out of Space)
  • Manu Chao - Bongo
  • Bob Dylan - Knocking on Heavens Doors
  • Pulp Fiction - Misirlo
Live and music videos
You can also watch all the videos on our YouTube page
Train Done Gone @ 16 Tons, Moscow City
Dust My Broom (live) @ Big Twin Bar, Kazan
Volna Bar
Profsoyuznaya st. 3, Kazan
June, 1st
Rock Star Bar
Pushkin st. 29a, Kazan
June 23rd
Big Twin Bar
Spartakovskaya st. 2b, Kazan
June 30
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